J?nger Audio reduces cost of TV loudness management

Jünger Audio is aiming to reduce the cost of TV loudness management with the addition of a combination card to its C8000 audio processing system.

The C8491 combines a 3G/HD/SD-SDI interface capable of handling 4, 8, or 16 audio channel SDI streams with a Jünger Level Magic 2 processor for managing loudness, with one card representing one TV channel.

Designed to offer a complete control and compliance package, the C8491 can be used with Jünger’s Loudness Logger, a software application that offers a means of monitoring loudness over time, in real time, or subsequently to analyse stored loudness log files.

Compliant with the latest international loudness specifications, including EBU R128, the Level Magic 2 processor automatically manages the loudness of a programme with “a Multi loop simultaneous combination of slow changes (AGC like), fast changes (Transient processing) and look-ahead limiting management for carefree processing of non-locked SDI streams.” Level Magic’s embedded algorithm handles the loudness control of digital audio signals regardless of the input levels.

Operated via a web interface, the C8491 cards require only a limited number of settings to be made before use. Furthermore, a single dedicated 3U frame can accommodate up to 16 C8491 cards.

Chris Collings, director of Aspen Media, Jünger’s UK distributor stated: “The C8491 is an important addition to the C8000 range and with loudness being at the forefront of every Broadcaster’s mind, it’s the answer to many prayers.”

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