J?nger Audio?s Level Magic assists Direct 8 and Direct Star

In a move to comply with recently introduced broadcast audio loudness legislation, French free to air digital channels Direct 8 and Direct Star have invested in new loudness control technology from Jünger Audio.

Based in the Parisian suburb of Puteaux, Direct 8 specialises in delivering news, cultural programming, entertainment and film, while Direct Star is focussed primarily on music programming, including music documentaries and live music broadcasts.

In conjunction with its French distributor 44.1, Jünger Audio has supplied Direct 8 and Direct Star with four D*AP LM4 four-channel digital audio processors. Each channel now has a pair of processors, which are being utilised to control and regulate broadcast audio loudness. The investment in Jünger Audio’s EBU R128-compliant loudness control technology is deigned to ensure that both channels remain within the boundaries of new legislation recently introduced by France’s CSA (Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel).

Nicolas Albingre, Technical and Audio Visual manager across both channels, commented: “There are a number of loudness control solutions on the market that would have enabled us to implement the new EBU R128 loudness recommendation, but we chose Jünger Audio’s technology because we like the company’s LEVEL MAGIC adaptive control algorithm. LEVEL MAGIC is very effective at controlling loudness but it also gives us the audio transparency we were looking for. And, of course, it is compliant with R128, so it solves that problem as well.”

Jünger Audio’s LEVEL MAGIC algorithm is aimed at allowing broadcasters to adjust the audio level from any source at any time, with no pumping, breathing or distortion. Capable of using any kind of I/O (analogue and digital) sources, as well as SDI, HD/SDI, Dolby 5.1 and all its related metadata, LEVEL MAGIC is based on a simultaneous combination of an AGC, a Transient Processor for quick changes and a ‘look ahead’ Peak Limiter for continuous unattended control of any programme material, regardless of its original source.

Direct 8 and Direct Star are now using their D*AP LM4 units as part of their transmission delivery chain, and Albingre claims he is very impressed with the results they are achieving.

Jünger Audio’s managing director Peter Poers, added: “Direct 8 and Direct Star are now part of a growing number of French broadcasters, including France Television and Canal Plus, which have chosen Jünger Audio’s loudness control technology to help them comply with the new CSA regulations. While it is satisfying to be able to provide a solution to a regulatory issue, it is even more satisfying that all of these broadcasters chose our LEVEL MAGIC solution because they appreciate the quality and transparency of the audio it delivers.”

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