JoeCo BlackBoxes at Lorraine de Choeur

Four JoeCo BlackBox BBR64MADI systems were recently used for virtual sound checking and recording 224 channels of audio at one of France’s largest and most impressive live music events. The Lorraine de Choeur 2013, held in the Galaxie d’Amneville, featured a 2000-strong choir, soloists, a 50-piece orchestra and electric band under the direction of Jacky Locks. The event takes place every two years and this year’s performances attracted audiences from far and wide.

Philippe Barguirdjian, technical director of DUSHOW, and his sound team were responsible for mixing and recording the three shows, each of which lasted around four hours. For rehearsals, four linked BBR64MADI systems were connected directly to the front-of-house DiGiCo SD7 and SD10 consoles. Here, the recorder’s virtual soundcheck facility came into its own, enabling singers to save their voices ready for the shows, while Barguirdjian and team worked tirelessly on perfecting mixes in the large concert hall. The team also used the JoeCoRemote for iPad extensively for remote control. For the actual shows, the systems were racked, with 56 channels of MADI recorded by each.

“I am used to recording this kind of show, but 224 channels was a ‘first’ for me” says Barguirdjian. “Linking the BBR units was very easy and their small footprint is excellent. Once we had selected the right hard drives, the whole process became extremely straightforward and stable. During recording we were also able to insert Markers by simply pressing the Record button – a convenient feature when capturing a long show. The JoeCoRemote for iPad also helped us a lot.”

Selected audio from the three performances will be used on a DVD. The BBR64MADI systems were supplied to Dushow by JoeCo’s French distributor SCV Audio, Paris.