JoeCo BLUEBOX BBWR24MP helps record audio for The Cadillac Three

Country, blues and rock and roll band, The Cadillac Three, played a sold-out homecoming show at the prestigious Ryman Auditorium in Nashville recently using a JoeCo BLUEBOX BBWR24MP audio interface recorder.

Originally a church, and previously used to host acoustic artists and theatre performances, the Ryman’s limited space meant the band needed to find a compact and reliable method of capturing the performance.

The venue proposed challenges for the band, their production manager Chris Grainger and sound engineer Nate ‘Pittsburgh’ Dickinson, and not just in terms of available space.

Grainger contacted Dan Bostick of Full Scale AV, who suggested the BBWR24MP. BLUEBOX acts as an interface for a DAW while also offering a back-up facility, simultaneously capturing all source recordings on an external USB 2.0/3.0 drive with full time-stamping, ensuring no source recording is ever lost, even if the power fails. On-board are 24 mic/line inputs and balanced outputs, with 24 mic preamps operating up to 24-bit/96kHz, all in a 1U rack-mountable unit.

"The JoeCo BLUEBOX BBWR24MP audio interface recorder was a great alternative to the expense of hiring The Ryman’s second floor studio and engineer without compromising on audio quality," explained Grainger. "There were no hitches whatsoever, Nate Dickinson and I were able to pop the BBWR24MP in as the complete interface and all the channels showed up immediately, we got the computer talking to it really quickly. It was super simple."

After the show, Grainger returned to the studio and was able to easily transfer the recordings from the external USB drive. "All of the source recordings were of such a high quality that it sounded exactly the concert I heard in the room that night. I was instantly transported back into that magnificent space."

Grainger is now planning to use the BBWR24MP in the future for other live audio recordings with The Cadillac Three as well as for other projects. "I do a lot of studio work and I do a lot of live recordings, so now I can literally travel with a backpack and get the same quality recordings as before, and have a master rig and a redundant rig all in one backpack. It’s revolutionary."