JoeCo captures Mumford & Sons on ‘Gentlemen of the Road’ tour

Satronen Sound used JoeCo‘s BlackBox systems to record a series of US shows on the recent ‘Gentlemen of the Road’ tour. which was headlined by Mumford & Sons.

BBR1B 24-track balanced analogue systems were linked to provide independent 48-channel recording systems for the two festival stages.

“The JoeCo BlackBox Recorders were chosen for lots of reasons – reliability; 48-channel functionality; ease of use and great sounding converters,” said Satronen Sound’s owner and chief engineer, Pete Nenortas. “Our main requirement for these festivals was to supply the organisers with multi-track audio to be re-mixed later for a digital download audio compilation.

"For each ‘Gentlemen of the Road’ festival show, the day consisted of eight to ten bands that needed to be recorded in multi-track. It was important that we supplied a system that ensured we would not have a single hiccup in the recording. It was not known which songs would be selected for the compilation, so we needed to capture it all.

“In my two years of experience using them for live concert recording, the JoeCo units have been very consistent for me. What originally attracted me was the ability to multi-track without being tied to a computer. In a festival recording scenario like the GOTR shows, it was imperative to have a system that could record for long periods of time at high track counts with superior reliability. Choosing to go with the JoeCo recorders made me comfortable in being able to guarantee that I could capture all the performances without missing a beat.”

Recorded audio from the shows has already been featured on a sold-out Mumford & Sons vinyl record, and will also be included on a forthcoming digital audio compilation.

Photo: Jeff Swanson

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