JoeCo’s new BlueBox arrives at FX Rentals

London’s FX Rentals has added a JoeCo BlueBox BBWR24MP workstation interface recorder to its inventory.

The company, one of the region’s leading pro-audio and MI hire operations, has reported consistently strong business for its quartet of JoeCo BlackBox Recorders in the past.

“The BlackBox units are always in demand,” said FX Rentals technical engineer Will Bence. “I get a lot of calls from people with small bands who might not have the budget for separate preamps and so on, and in those instances we usually take a BlackBox across. It’s also found favour with clients who are seeking a good backup to their ProTools systems.”

Having found the BlackBox to be “hugely reliable and suitable for all kinds of hires,” Bence was therefore intrigued when Simon Lowther, from JoeCo’s UK distributor, MSL Professional, alerted him to the existence of the latest JoeCo innovation, the BlueBox BBWR24MP.

Based on the same award-winning technology as the BlackBox, each BlueBox offers a high quality interface for a DAW, plus a rugged, multi-track field recorder and a unique back-up solution that ensures no source recordings are ever lost, JoeCo says. The company also claims that only BlueBox delivers all three core functions in one 19-in rack-mounted unit. Click here for more on the BBWR24MP and the rest of the range.

The BBWR24MP arrived at just the right time for Bence, who “had been looking around for a good interface that has more than 16 mic pres for quite a while. So when Simon showed the BlueBox to me, I was very impressed, and we soon decided to take a unit. I think it’s going to be very popular for those customers who are seeking a portable solution and who don’t necessarily have access to a van or an estate car. And then there is its multi-functional status: if it was just an interface it would be fantastic, but the fact that it doubles as a BlackBox recorder and therefore gives you that level of redundancy is really great.”

For MSL Professional, Lowther confirms that the BlueBox has joined its BlackBox siblings in receiving a “warm reception” across the UK. “We’ve had lots of comments from users and potential customers who clearly appreciate the benefits of a stable high track count audio interface that can also easily record to USB media at the same time,” he states. “There are lots of uses and benefits for professional users in backup and having a simultaneous recording available in terms of time and safety factors.”