John Storyk to share ‘lessons from Electric Lady’

Architect, acoustician and Walters-Storyk Design Group co-founder John Storyk will share some of his career experiences with members of the AES Boston Section at the site of WSDG’s most recent studio project, Mad Oak Studios, later today.

Nearly 50 years after designing his first recording studio, Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Lady, Storyk will talk about the lessons learned from his initial assignment and how they still bear relevance in today’s substantially evolved recording environment.

“Technology, acoustic treatments, business models, and other studio staples have changed significantly, in ways that were completely unpredictable,” Storyk said. “Just as music distribution formats have progressed from vinyl to eight track, CD and now digital streaming, and from mono to stereo to surround to immersive, studio design continues to experience a state of permanent transition. Issues of size, recording style, musical tastes, micing, tracking and mastering are continually changing. But, within that fluctuating environment, isolation, eye contact between artists and engineers and the on-going search for the ‘perfectly tuned’ recording/listening environment remain constant objectives.”

The most recent addition to a client portfolio that now includes over 3,500 studios around the globe, Mad Oak is a 1,000 sqft showplace, which blends ‘state of the art’ design elements with new and vintage gear to create ‘an acoustically, aesthetically and technologically distinctive recording environment.’

“We selected Mad Oak as the venue for this presentation because it personifies the progression of the recording ecosystem,” Storyk added. “We’ve incorporated methods for interlacing new and long-established design techniques to create the best possible studio. This 90-minute presentation will provide AES Boston Section members with a clear, colourful and illuminating overview on studio design.”