Jörg Sennheiser stepping down as chairman

Prof. Dr. Jörg Sennheiser is handing over the chair of the Sennheiser supervisory board position to Dr. Frank Heinricht, as of January 1st 2015.

Since joining the family-owned firm in the mid-’70s, Dr. Sennheiser’s contribution has been instrumental to its success, and has paved the way for a future-proof set-up, the company says.

Heinricht has been Chairman of the Board of Management at Schott AG since 2013, and became a member of the Sennheiser supervisory board five years ago.

“Dr. Heinricht has a profound technical expertise and brings experience in managing large family-owned companies to his new role. We are very happy that he is taking over as chairman of the supervisory board of the Sennheiser Group,” said Daniel and Andreas Sennheiser, the manufacturer’s joint CEOs.

In withdrawing as chairman of the supervisory board, Jörg Sennheiser is placing the management of the company fully into the hands of the third Sennheiser generation. His sons Daniel and Andreas Sennheiser have been in control since July 2013.

Commenting on the changeover in the supervisory board, Jörg Sennheiser (pictured) added: “My goal has always been to pass a healthy, thriving company on to the next generation. The company’s independence is our most precious asset.

"The family is committed to pursuing its strategy without any influence from third parties, a strategy that focuses on absolute customer orientation, technical innovation and first-class quality. This is an aim I have always pursued, and it is the basis of the decades of success that we have enjoyed and will enjoy in the future.”

Jörg Sennheiser became Sennheiser’s director of technology in 1976 before taking over management of the family business as executive shareholder in 1982. During his time at the helm, new manufacturing facilities were set up in Ireland and the USA, while at the same time production in Germany was expanded.

In addition, Sennheiser internationalised its sales organisation during this period. As a result of this sustained growth strategy, Sennheiser today has over 2,500 employees across the globe and is active in more than 60 countries.

For more on the company’s history check out our article ‘The Sennheiser Story,’ part of our Best of German Brands focus earlier this year.

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