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Joué Music makes NAMM debut with Joué Play digital music creation tool for all ages

Joué Music Instruments will make its debut at the NAMM 2022 show, attending the world’s biggest annual music gear show for the first time to showcase its new Joué Play and Joué Play Pro Option products.

Designed to make digital music creation simpler for any musician – regardless of age or musical skill – the Joué Play is a colourful, modular, portable and easy-to-use instrument that lets you create music whenever inspiration strikes you. The accompanying app gives you access to over 40 professional-quality sounds, how-to tutorials and more, and you can loop, record and share your creations.

How did the journey start?
When Pascal Joguet (co-creator of the legendary JazzMutant Lemur, made famous by artists like Björk, Daft Punk, Nine Inch Nails…) and Arnaud Rousset teamed up in 2016, the two collaborators had one thing in mind: to design an ultra-expressive MIDI controller for advanced musicians. After a few prototypes, the Joué Pro was born.

To engage with those who want to take their first step into digital music in a spontaneous and intuitive way, the team developed a plug and play application to use with the instrument. This version without complex settings to experiment and create became the Joué Play.

Joué Play: a complete system 
The Joué Play system consists of up to four Pads and a Board, and an intuitive app that contains a bank of over 40 professional-quality sounds, how-to tutorials and more to help you create your own songs.

State-of-the-art technology is used to provide the best possible playing experience with the Joué Play. The four soft silicone Pads represent different instruments: guitar, piano, keys, drum. Whether you’re a rock fan, into hip-hop or electronic music, you can create beats, play chords, cover songs and more.

The Joué Play app can be used to create beats and melodies, add effects and mix all sounds. Once placed on the Board, the app recognises the Pad and offers a range of instruments to play immediately. It’s an easy-to-use, visually informative interface that makes mixing and creating songs easy to do, without spending hours setting up production software.

Joué Play Pro Option for DAW users
Once they want to make the move, musicians can step up from the Joué Play app to more complex music software with the same device thanks to an upgrade path to the Pro option.

You can find Joué Music at the Anaheim Convention Centre, Booth 10208.