JPJ Audio invests in Crown Audio VRACK

JPJ has announced that it has invested in 26 Crown Audio VRACKs for use in live sound applications.

The VRACK amplifier management rack system solution features three built-in Crown I-Tech 12000HD amplifiers and is designed to serve as a plug-and-play solution without the need to build amplifier racks. 

With the ability to work in conjunction with JBL VERTEC, VRX, and AE series loudspeakers, the system’s modular design is scalable and built to meet the demands of both small and large sound systems.

“We purchased the Crown VRACKs and replaced all our existing amplifiers that were driving our JBL VERTEC line arrays,” explained Jim Straw, CEO at JPJ Audio. “It gives us a new, lightweight packaged amplifier solution as well as access to the new JBL V5 VERTEC presets. It was the way other companies around the world were heading and so we decided to push VERTEC forward again and change the amplifiers. The decision to purchase was driven primarily by the presets.”

“The VRACK will help to set the standard for VERTEC systems everywhere in the world,” added Straw. “VRack ensures an optimum power match for all VERTEC models combined with uncompromised sound quality. Given its versatility, it can be used on VERTEC one day and then a monitor rack the next day.”

Upon delivery the VRACKS were put to work on Lenny Kravitz’sBlack & White tour, with a PA system made up of JBL VERTECs; 12 deep on the mains and nine deep on the sides with 12 subs per side and eight subs in the center. The VERTEC was driven by 12 VRACKs; six per side situated behind the subs on side left and stage right.

FOH engineer for the tour Laurie Quigley stated that he was impressed with the JBL VERTEC on the new racks, particularly once the programmess were written so that he could control different bands in groups.

“The VRACKs worked really well on the Australian tour and I was extremely happy with the sound quality,” he commented. “The VRACKs are very versatile; you can do whatever you want with regards to turning certain amps up or down. We had a good sound system, good crew, good company. The gear is only as good as the company that preps it and only as good as the crew that puts it in the air.”

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