JTS recognises regional advantages of East Asia

JTS is a leading designer and manufacturer of microphones for a wide range of applications. Based in Ta-Li City, Taiwan, the company was last year named as one of the Top 10 National Brands in the Chinese Pro Audio and Lighting Industry.

JTS’ Dowson YU says that the advantages of being based in East Asia include low cost materials and an abundance of suppliers, labour and land. He also acknowledges that it is the fastest growing market, but adds that it is geographically very far from the most mature markets in Europe and the US. He feels that the region could benefit from an increased number of skilled software programmers and explains that, while companies in East Asia are often very ‘selling price-conscious’, providing great value to the consumer, this is not always so good for brand building.

When asked what effect the associated music-based industries in his region, such as karaoke, have had on JTS’ approach, Yu says: “The karaoke market in 1980s and ‘90s did help the industry in Taiwan to grow up. Many international brands such as Casio developed karaoke machines and they needed suppliers of microphones to do this. Taiwan companies have had to introduce quality management systems in order to meet the quality requirement and scale up production lines to meet quantity demand.”