Jünger adds full AoIP connectivity to C8000 processing system

German manufacturer Jünger Audio has launched combined Audio over IP and MADI modules for its C8000 audio processing system.

The new cards are designed to give broadcasters a simple and convenient interconnection to well-established MADI audio and emerging Dante/AES67 AoIP production environments.

The company’s new C8315 and C8316 dual interface cards, which will be shipping from February 2018, provide 64 inputs and outputs for the Dante network and support operation in AES67 compatibility mode, while both cards are also equipped with an independent MADI interface.

Through a special 1:1 hardware mode they can be used as a direct bridge between AoIP and MADI without occupying the C8000 system’s audio busses. The two new cards differ in the assembly of the MADI interfaces with BNC sockets (C8315) or an SFP cage (C8316), for the use of optical modules in multi- or single-mode optical fibre operation. The C8316 version is also equipped with a parallel MADI BNC output.

With AoIP rapidly becoming an integral part of broadcast infrastructure, Jünger Audio says that it is “keen to ensure that its customers who already use the its C8000 modular processing system for audio processing and loudness control can connect seamlessly to a Dante or AES67 compatible AoIP infrastructure.”