Jünger Audio adds Easy Loudness to D*AP family

Jünger Audio has released a new and slim line addition to its family of D*AP digital audio processors called Easy Loudness.

Aimed at stereo television and radio broadcasters, Easy Loudness is a digital audio processor that utilises a redesigned web user interface, which the company promises will increase ease of use and intelligibility.

Easy Loudness is available in two versions – one with an integrated 3G SDI interface and the other with a Dante/AES67 AoIP interface. Both versions feature two independent stereo programs which incorporate the company’s Level Magic algorithm that can adjust audio from any source.

Easy Loudness is optimised to run immediately with an established audio connection and requires only minimal configuration. The Easy Loudness web interface has been reworked so that the most important parameters of the operating system are directly accessible from the home page. In addition to the main interface the device is equipped with an AES/EBU interface to receive a fall back signal, while it also includes automatic fail over switching, dual power supplies, SNMP system monitoring, full loudness monitoring and powerful snapshot functionality.

Jünger Audio’s Smart Audio devices employ the industry standard Ember+ remote protocol, allowing them to integrate with an increasingly wide range of compatible equipment including playout automation systems, logging and monitoring processes.