Jünger Audio introduces new C8000 processing boards

Jünger Audio has launched a new range of cards for its modular C8000 audio processing system.

The digital audio specialist’s C8000 solution comprises DSP-based audio processing cards together with a wide range of I/O options, allowing customers to choose the precise number and type of input and output interfaces and processing they require for their facility.

The C8000 card system, already favoured by many broadcasting facilities around the world, is particularly geared to multichannel sound, with interfaces available for 3G/HD/SD-SDI, MADI, Dante AoIP, as well as AES3 and analogue I/O.

C8000 processing also includes options for multichannel loudness control incorporating Jünger Audio’s Level Magic algorithm, automatic surround upmixing, in-built failover and voice-over circuits, multichannel A/V compensation delay and direct codec system support such as Dolby D, D+ and E encoding and/or decoding.

The company says the introduction of new processing boards (C8092, C8492B and C8492) will allow it to deliver improved algorithms to its customers by enabling them to complete the same processing tasks in a much more efficient and cost saving way. Also, because of the higher processing density of the C8092 and C8492B boards, it is possible that typical configurations can be created by using less frame space.

"The new boards incorporate a number of improvements that make the conversion of previously common configurations much more straightforward," said Jünger Audio’s CEO Peter Poers. "The main difference between the C8092, C8492 and C8492B boards lies in the scalable audio processing circuits for up to 16 channels including two surround programmes. This gives the performance and power of four of the previous DSP cards in one new DSP card, along with the availability of an integrated 3G/HD/SD-SDI interface. It also gives the possibility of accessing the C8000 system bus to exchange audio and metadata with other boards in a frame. Many large system designs involving audio processing can now be configured using a lower number of frames, boards and accessories and with smarter control integration."

To coincide with the release of the new boards, Jünger will be phasing out some of its older, obsolete models including the C8086+, the C8087 and some of the Dolby cards.