JZ Microphones announces channel strip

After many successful years of microphone manufacturing, JZ Microphones has decided to expand its product range with its first channel strip – JZ Track – produced by SPL in Germany.

JZ Track is a 1U mono unit pre-amplifier completed with a de-esser, compressor/limiter stage, three-band EQ stage, and output stage with metering. The unit is made to perfectly match the impedance of JZ microphones and expand their characteristics and harmonic range. The compressor can be linked with a second JZ Track compressor for the coherent stereo operation of two units. JZ Microphones will also offer an optional AD Card with ADAT and SPDIF outputs.

“When JZ Microphones asked us to make a special channel strip for them we were excited and proud at the same time,” unveils managing director of SPL Hermann Gier. “Our Track One was the ideal starting grid for the ‘JZ Track’ project. Besides changing the looks we also did some nice refinements internally to give the JZ Track its individual sonic touch.”

The pre-amplifier is shipping from 1 February 2014.