JZ to build microphone museum

Latvia’s JZ Microphones is inviting microphone owners to trade-in any studio microphone to help build a museum hosted by the manufacturer. The museum will include exhibits from the personal collection of Juris Zarins, Chief Engineer of JZ, and prototypes of JZ products.

All exhibits will be available for free at the museum itself, which will be opened in a factory building in Riga, Latvia, or via its website. Each item will have a short description showing country of origin, as well as a comment from Zarins.

Everyone who decides to participate in this trade-in program will receive 20 percent off the price of any JZ product. Email museum@jzmic.com to take part.

In other JZ news, the company is to take over distribution and manufacturing control of Flamingo Series microphones, thus placing all of the designer’s microphones under one company. Flamingo microphones are manufactured in Latvia, but for many years the rights of distribution were entrusted to Estonian company Violet Design.