KEF develops ‘black hole’ MAT sonic absorption material

British Hi-Fi company KEF has unveiled a new absorption technology which it describes as an acoustic ‘black hole’, able to absorb 99 per cent of sound radiating from the rear of a loudspeaker driver, thereby reducing distortion and improving clarity.

MAT, or Metamaterial Absorption Technology, is a joint development initiative with the Acoustic Metamaterials Group. MAT is described as a highly complex maze-like structure, where each of its intricate channels efficiently absorbs a range of specific frequencies. When combined, that remarkable 99 per cent absorption rating is achieved.

Traditional approaches have only allowed around 60 per cent absorption, so the resulting acoustic quality improvement is significant.
The implications of MAT extend both into the pro audio world for studios and home monitoring. 

The first use of it is in KEF’s new active wireless standmount monitors, the LS50II. This bookshelf speaker features a specially designed 12th generation Uni-Q driver with MAT.