Kenton introduces PRO SOLO Mk3 synth interface

Kenton Electronics has released the PRO SOLO Mk3, an update to its classic, single-channel MIDI-to-CV converter.

The PRO SOLO Mk3 features the same MIDI-to-control voltage conversion of its predecessors and adds several new features.

Well suited to both the studio and life on the road, PRO SOLO Mk3 now includes additional auxiliary outputs, a built-in ADSR envelope generator and the ability to generate trigger outputs for drum synthesisers.

PRO SOLO Mk3 features a single MIDI-In to connect a sequencer or keyboard to, plus CV and Gate outputs to trigger both note type and duration at the analogue destination. A MIDI Thru connector also doubles as a software-selectable sync so can be used, for example, to sync vintage drum machines up to a synth.

Three Aux outputs complete the connections and now have continuously variable analogue outputs. These can be assigned to an expanded selection of controllers now available within PRO SOLO Mk3, and are commonly used to connect to destinations like the filter, volume or clock inputs on a synthesiser. The Aux outputs now also have adjustable slew rate (rise/fall time) to smooth out any controller jumps.

Other new features include dual clock dividers which can be used simultaneously on different outputs (including the DIN socket when not used as MIDI out); an increased pitchbend range (now 48 notes up and down); variable gate-off time for re-trigger (multiple trigger); and finally MIDI Program Changes can now be used to recall setups. There are also 32 program memories which can store and recall such setups.

“We have updated the spec and added several new features to make it the perfect, flexible interface for today’s analogue synth enthusiast – anyone from the vintage mono synth collector to the modular creator within the Eurorack scene," said company founder John Kenton Price.

PRO SOLO Mk3 is available now for £158.40 inc VAT (£132.00 ex VAT).