Kickstarter launch for ‘world’s first pop-up mastering studio’

Bristol-based engineer and founder of Dub Studio, Henry Bainbridge, has turned to Kickstarter to fund what he believes to be the world’s first pop-up mastering studio.

The idea behind the the project, High Level Mastering (HLM), is to create a mobile mastering service that will provide a more affordable alternative to higher-end, fixed-locations facilities, that can be installed in unused, low-cost spaces around the city, then packed up and moved on to the next location.

The plan is for the studio to originally pop up in Bristol’s creative quarter should the target be met in time.

Bainbridge (pictured) – popular with UK producers and electronic musicians such as Joker and Compa – has set a Kickstarter target of £3,000 (with an ‘ultimate stretch goal’ of £10,000) and is already halfway there with 25 days to go, raising more than £1,600 so far. Incentives for backers include exclusive dubplates, a dubplate masterclass and a full mastering session for artists.

“The core aim of the pop-up is to empower record labels, producers and artists to achieve a sound that does their talent justice," said Bainbridge in his message to potential supporters on the crowdfunding website. "Access to stellar post-production shouldn’t depend on having a massive budget.

"Elite studios tend to be based either in London or far from urban centres. If you live outside the capital, in a music hub like Bristol, you’re probably going to have to resort to email to communicate with your mastering engineer. And that’s not always ideal, as a lot can get lost in translation.

"I firmly believe that with the right technical expertise you can get top-quality results from a relatively modest set-up. By stripping back the mastering studio to its essentials, and selecting each piece of equipment with care, I reckon I can produce the same level of quality from my movable set-up as any of the leading, fixed-location mastering studios. Although each iteration of the studio will be temporary, this is a long-term, sustainable project to provide Bristol with the world-class mastering studio it deserves."

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