Kings of Leon carry Sennheiser

Kings of Leon kicked off a series of live summer shows in London’s Hyde Park with a comprehensive Sennheiser package handling sound.

Britannia Row was the sound contractor for the Hyde Park shows and Sennheiser’s Phil Cummings and Tim Sherratt were in attendance for the first two days, to offer any assistance that Britannia Row, the Kings of Leon or the support acts may have required.

The Sennheiser package carried by the band includes MD431 vocal mics, e 904s and e 614s on the drum kit and e 906s on the backline. Complementing these are 2000 series wireless guitar systems and 2000 in-ear monitors.

“The MD431 fits Caleb’s vocal well and it also helps with reducing the amount of wash from the cymbals,” says the band’s Front of House engineer Brent Rawlings. “No other company has offered to tailor a microphone to our singer’s voice, the customer support is above and beyond what we would expect.”

“We very much like the tone and the response of the 431s,” added monitor engineer Saul Skoutarides. “We even had a batch of them hand-delivered to Hyde Park, which was very much appreciated.”