KLANG:technologies appoints Mods Art as Italian distributor for 3D mixing systems

KLANG:technologies has appointed Mods Art as the distributor for its range of 3D personal monitor mixing systems in Italy.

Founded in 2010, Mods Art is a distributor of audio, video and lighting for the entertainment sector. The company is owned and managed by general director and chairman, Giacomo Larìa, and technical director and CEO, Luigi Lombardi.

Mods Art "strongly believes support is a defining factor in distribution and provides a comprehensive range of pre- and aftersale services", and will be adding KLANG:technologies to its portfolio of 15 brands, which includes Solid State Logic, Yamaha and Outline.

Larìa said: “I first heard about KLANG:technologies when working for Yamaha Music Europe and have followed its progress closely since then. We chose to distribute KLANG as they are innovative and establish new standards for monitoring. The products also offer the high performance and excellent build quality that are essential for the brands we offer our customers. We work with the best brands in the industry and KLANG is an ideal fit for our business.”

Phil Kamp, KLANG:technologies’ head of sales, added: “We are pleased to welcome Mods Art as our distributor for this key European market. Their dynamic approach and technical expertise are ideal for introducing products that set new benchmarks. With the perfect line-up of compatible brands, I am confident they will do an excellent job and I look forward to working closely with them.”