KLANG:technologies launches major upgrade for its 3D in-ear mixing system

KLANG:technologies has announced the release of KOS 3, a major upgrade to its KLANG 3D in-ear mixing system.

A key feature of KOS 3 is the introduction of parametric EQ, providing the equalisation of each input signal when no dedicated monitor console is available.

KLANG provides a comprehensive range of easily understood pre-sets as well as graphically clear fine tuning with root intensity. This allows users to gradually blend in the tone signature of the EQ, and even invert it. Pitch of the tonal characteristic can also be adjusted with one touch, while KOS 3 additionally provides an output mix EQ with pre-sets and output phase invert.

KOS 3 also adds an improved set-up workflow. In the Channels Setting View, a channel can be assigned to one of up to six groups, shown with their respective colour and icon. Users can also assign a group colour to all group member channels. Scene recalls have been ‘significantly’ enhanced with recall safe options and a new pre-set screen.

Further support is included for KLANG:vektor and other direction tracking devices such as the iPad tracker, with a Fix-i3D Button. This provides users the possibility to lock the objects on the outer orbit from spinning and place sound sources more easily, regardless of the orientation of the associated tracker. The new Compact Device List View feature is useful for those working with more than one KLANG device. Immediately it shows how many users are on one device and enables easy switching between them.

The new Snapshot Control Everywhere feature means there is no need to switch between menus to recall, fire or save a snapshot, while more useful statistics and Pre-set Transfer via FTP are also included in the new update.

“KOS 3 is the most significant upgrade to our 3D In-Ear mixing system since its launch,” said KLANG:technologies’ founder and marketing director, Dr. Pascal Dietrich. “It integrates extensive feedback from KLANG users and provides them with the solutions and features most wanted. For potential buyers it offers a substantially enhanced monitoring solution.”

KOS 3.0 was introduced on 25 January at the NAMM show and is now available to download from the KLANG:technologies website at www.klang.com/en/downloads