KMR Audio now in Berlin

High-end gear supplier KMR Audio is open for business in Berlin, Germany.

After 10 successful years in retail, KMR Audio is continuing its strive for excellence in the supply and support of the best names in Pro Audio equipment. By operating from a purpose built, tuned, professional recording studio as a showroom, KMR Audio Germany seeks to set itself apart by offering a demonstration facility that allows a unique one to one experience with the customer to focus on their individual needs.

Andrew Myburgh (co-owner KMR Audio Germany): "Being a producer/engineer myself, I always found it difficult to really test the equipment I was interested in before investing in it. I found that in traditional stores I could never hear the quality of a piece of gear as the listening environment was never controlled."

Boasting one of the finest demonstration facilities in Berlin, KMR Germany has an API 1608 console in a functioning control room with a good sized live room for real world demonstrations of any equipment customers may wish to try.

As well as being the exclusive supplier in Germany for Endless Analog CLASP, Coleman Audio, Buzz Audio, ShinyBox, Standard Audio, Overstayer, Steve Philips Acoustics, Serpent Audio and AwTac, KMR will supply all the usual names from API to SSL.

KMR Audio Germany aim to bring a vibrant, enthusiastic, efficient and, above all, friendly attitude to everything they do.

Andrew Myburgh:"Having built several studios from scratch I am always happy to discuss anything from full ground up studio builds all the way to small cabling needs, software and hardware. I’ve personally tested and used almost all the major brands we offer and whether you’re a DJ, mixing/recording engineer or producer I will quickly be able to recommend the best solution for your personal needs."

Customers who are looking for an exceptional experience are invited to visit the KMR Audio showroom in the Noisy Rooms complex in the vibrant city district of Friedrichshain, Berlin.