KMR Audio presents Crane Song Syren and Peacock

Crane Song and KMR Audio have introduced two brand new products, the Syren, a 500-Series tube mic preamp and the Peacock, a mac-only AAX vinyl emulation plug-in for Pro Tools.

Following the success of the Crane Song Falcon 500-series tube compressor, the Syren is a single-slot mono 500-series tube mic pre designed to provide a wide range of colours. At its core lies a dual triode circuit with a 12AX7 valve and a unique design allowing you to modify the interaction between the tube stages as well as controlling the negative feedback. The Crane Song Syren can also be pushed into overdrive by pushing the dual gain stage circuit.

The Syren features 24dB/octave 90Hz low cut filter, +48V phantom power, polarity reversal switches and a -15dB or -25dB Pad on a three-way toggle switch for use when working with loud signals. Finally the Hi-Z switch engages the instrument input.

Crane Song Syren Price: £800 ex VAT (£960 inc VAT)

The Crane Song Peacock is a mac-only AAX plug-in designed to emulate the elusive sound of vinyl.

The Peacock can be used on the mix buss or on individual tracks to add rich harmonics to your sound.

Easy to use, the Peacock offers powerful controls working together to add the desired colouration to make your music sound like a record. The colour switch affects the character of the sound by modifying the interaction between the harmonic and dynamic controls.

Although optimised for 96kHz operation, the Peacock will work with at 44.1kHz, 48kHz. 88.2kHz and 96kHz sample rates and deliver the rich character associated with the sound of vinyl records.

The Crane Song Peacock is available to purchase in the UK from KMR Audio.

Crane Song Peacock Price: £240 ex VAT (£288 inc VAT)