Korean church installs Allen & Heath GLD and ME equipment

Gunpo Sungjang Church in Gunpo-si near Seoul, Korea, has taken stock of an Allen & Heath GLD-80 digital mixing system and ME-1 personal monitor mixer.

Following the church’s recent expansion, Allen & Heath’s Korean distributor Sama ProSound was tasked with upgrading the previous analogue set up with a new digital system.

Sama ProSound subsequently selected a GLD-80 digital mixer expanded with an AR2412 and two AR84 I/O racks, with personal monitoring provided by five of the compatible ME-1 mixers, making Gunpo Sungjang Church the first church to install ME-1 in Korea.

“I first saw ME-1 at KOBA 2013, and it really impressed me,” explained Rev. Seunglee Kim, who manages sound at the church. “ME-1 meets all of my expectations as it is very easy to use not just for the sound guys but for the musicians as well. The previous stage sound environment used wedge speakers but the current set up with ME-1 is much better. ME-1 is very impressive, allowing musicians to control their monitor mix without a monitor engineer, which helps keep the sound levels on stage lower.

“I believe ME-1 is the perfect solution for churches, which do not have a professional sound engineer. Also, the OLED screen provides a very clear display. As ME-1 is compatible with GLD without any option cards, we could make the system very simple and easy to use. Supporting up to 40 signals is the best feature of ME-1 compared to competitive personal monitor mixers.”