Korean-language Orlando church installs L-Acoustics loudspeakers

Orlando, Florida-based Korean-language Presbyterian church, Green Hill Church, has installed L-Acoustics KIVA system to upgrade the sound reinforcement of its sanctuary.

The church has a 50-person choir, 20-piece orchestra and a praise team featuring seven vocalists and a six-piece band. As such, the sound quality is of paramount importance to attendees.

“The church required a compact system with not only enough punch and headroom to accommodate its own musicians and touring acts, but also the intelligibility to allow the senior pastor’s message to come across loud and clear to every seat in the house,” explained Joshua Kim, the Managing Director of LosAngeles-based Laservision World who designed and installed the system.

To this end, the 450-seat sanctuary now features left and right array. Each array features six KIVA modular line source enclosures providing an operating frequency bandwidth of 80Hz to 20kHz.

“We’ve done a number of KIVA installs in the past few years,” added Kim who worked on the installation alongside System Integration General Manager, Nathan Kim, “and I was very confident that it would be ideal for this project as well.”

These KIVA enclosures were flown beneath two L-Acoustics KILO low frequency extension enclosures which lowers the response to 50Hz. To provide extra support for the low frequencies, Laservision installed a pair of L-Acoustics SB18i subwoofers lowering the response to 32Hz. To top it all, the enclosures were powered and processed by three L-Acoustics LA4 amplified controllers.

“Everyone here at the church has been very satisfied with the sound of the new system,” stated Green Hill’s Sound Director, Tae Um. “The combination of KIVA, KILO and SB18i fully covers our sanctuary without the need for any fills – exactly like SOUNDVISION predicted – and as small as the system is, it very pleasantly surprised the media director and praise and worship team with its powerful yet detailed performance.”