Korg ships Soundlink MW2408 and MW1608 Hybrid mixers

Korg is now shipping its Soundlink MW series of Hybrid Analogue/Digital mixers. The  MW2408 (pictured below) and MW1608 (above) have been produced in collaboration with mixer design luminaries Greg Mackie and Peter Watts, the line debuts with  24 and 16-channel models, both featuring Peter Watts-designed HiVolt microphone preamps designed to handle hotter inputs without distortion, and, it claims, deliver ‘headroom way beyond any comparably-priced analogue or digital mixer.’

 Designed to satisfy any audio mixing application, these new hybrid mixers provide instant analogue control, avoiding complicated menu diving, with quick recall of digital parameters during a live performance. 

Features include instant feedback cancellation, studio-grade one knob compression on all mic channels, all-XLR speaker outputs, 31-band Spectrum Analyzer, enhanced Break system and Korg’s renowned 32-bit digital effects technology.

 An 8-bus configuration makes SoundLink suitable for recording, as well as live mixing musicians, different parts of a church service, or cues during a theater production.

Super-useful touches such as best-in-class Feedback control system, all-XLR speaker outputs, 31-band Spectrum Analyzer, and enhanced Break system.

Unusual for a small mixer, it offers Mute Groups which let users instantly call up different combinations of channels for various groups on stage, different songs, sound checks, a solo acoustic number, a drum solo or different parts of a church service.

For more info, visit korg.com.