Krakow university kits out sports hall with Dynacord

The Agricultural University of Cracow, which is located in Krakow, Poland, has taken stock of a new Dynacord VA system to provide sound reinforcement for its ‘green’ sports hall.

With energy conservation being a key part of the 1,900-square metre building, installation specialist SLX Sp z.o.o and the university’s governing body opted for a Dynacord sound reinforcement solution, whereby the centre was divided into three zones; the sports hall and fitness centre accounting for one zone each and the passageways, changing rooms and ancillary rooms making up the third. Dynacord’s Polish partner Tommex Zebrowscy Sp. J provided technical support for the project.

The primary sound reinforcement zone comprises the multi-function sports hall with its 22.5 x 44 metre playing area and 150-seater grandstand. Coverage for this area is provided by TS400 Vertical Array loudspeakers suspended from the roof and angled in such a way as to serve both the playing and spectator areas. The audio signal fed to these loudspeakers can be drawn from any of three sources – the commentary box or either of two separate inputs in the hall.

“The design of the TS400 is such as to ensure very tight dispersion control,” explained Marcin Zimny, managing director of the Wroclaw branch of Tommex Zebrowscy Sp. J. “In fact, the advertised 90° x 40° (horizontal x vertical) radiation pattern is very strictly adhered to and easily verified through measurements. That is a great advantage in the case of fixed installations – especially when dealing with rectilinear rooms exhibiting very lengthy reverberation times. With the TS400, we were able to keep the problematic acoustics of the sports hall firmly in check.”

The installation is driven by three DSA 8410 multi-channel power amplifiers and one PCL 1225T. The DSA amps are equipped with RCM-810 modules to allow for integration into an IRIS-Net audio network. Due to this network, the entire system can be controlled and supervised remotely via a P64 digital audio matrix manager from a PC screen in the commentary booth. A CMS 1600-3 mixing console and TWO D 8A loudspeakers capable of serving either as monitors or as the transducers of a mobile sound system complete the installation.