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KRK announces beat-maker competition ‘Kreator Classic’ with BeatStars

KRK presents its trio of judges for its Kreator Classic, the brand’s first-ever bracket-style competition for beat-makers of all levels. In partnership with BeatStars professionals, KRK Kreator Alliance members Chingy (above), Ali Stone, and Jblack (below) have been tapped with the honor and responsibility of helping to decide which contest entrants will have the chance to put their production skills to the ultimate test, going head-to-head through six rounds of competition.

“The KRK Kreator Alliance unites the brand’s leading artists and producers to focus their energy on what matters most to their musical vision. In turn, this helps KRK gain the innovative perspective of its alliance members, ultimately shaping KRK’s overall brand strategy”. says KRK “As founding members of the KRK Kreator Alliance, Chingy, Ali Stone, and Jblack will participate in the brand’s first-of-its-kind beat-making challenge. With decades of combined experience and prowess in the music industry, this trio is well-prepared to seed leading and unique talent throughout the competition”.

Initial entry into the competition is now open on the BeatStars platform. After the final entry deadline, the Top 40 artists will move on to the next round, which puts their beats directly in front of the judging panel for the first round of voting and eliminations. The head-to-head portion will officially launch with the Top 32 contestants on KRK’s Instagram on Tuesday, November 2. During each round of the competition, public voting periods will determine who advances to the next level…

KRK_Ali Stone