Krotos Audio releases ‘Sound Design from the Sofa’ tutorial series

In Krotos Audio’s ‘Sound Design from the Sofa’ series, sound designer Dan Mellins-Cohen shows users how quickly and easily the company’s plugins and libraries can be used to design the sound for entire scenes, all from the comfort of his sofa.

From Foley to sword impacts, footstep sound effects, vocalisations, pass-by’s and whooshes, here’s how the Sound Design Bundle 2 can save hours of editing time and revolutionise workflows:

Part 1: Foley, impacts and sword movements

Part 1 covers the process for creating armour and clothing movement, dirt slides and Foley by performing them in real-time through a mic using Reformer Pro.

For the complex sword hits, wooshes, impacts and footsteps, Dan shows you how these can all be done in Weaponiser to save huge amounts of time.

Part 2: Samurai Vocalisation and Footsteps

Watch part 2 to learn how foot steps and slides can be created using the Footsteps Bundle in Weaponiser, and how the characters’ grunts and growls are brought to life quickly and easily with Dehumaniser 2.

Part 3: Futuristic car scene

Part 3 takes an in-depth look at Igniter, Krotos’ specialised vehicle and engine sound design plugin. Here, Dan demonstrates how he creates the sound for futuristic car scene footage using Igniter.

Part 4: Pass-bys and Whooshes simplified

And finally, it’s time to create the pass-by whooshes in Igniter and Reformer Pro, as well as adding the finishing touches to tie the sound design together.