KV2 Audio speakers selected for Rolling Stones’ Exhibitionism

The Rolling Stones new exhibition “Exhibitionism” is relying heavily on KV2 Audio loudspeakers to invite audiences in to the hedonistic rock n’ roll world of the legendary band.

Set in London’s Saatchi Gallery, Exhibitionism takes visitors through the history of one of the worlds biggest bands via nine individually themed rooms ranging from an immersive reconstruction of their first shared flat culminating in a backstage and 3D surround sound concert experience.

Sound designer Carolyn Downing specified KV2 products for the project. A total of 30 products from the passive ESD range and active EX range were deployed throughout all primary playback areas with seven ESP 2000 amplifiers powering the ESD products.

Downing’s decision to choose KV2 products came on the back of KV2’s recent and high-profile successes within the theatre market, where many noted sound designers have moved away from traditional line array solutions in favour of the sonic results achieved through point source. A day spent in Downing’s local theatre discussing the brief of each room whilst evaluating the various options took place to settle on the exact specification.

“I was stunned by the audio quality on offer as well as the customer service and personal interaction I received from Jonathan Reece and his team,” Downing commented. “KV2 were more than happy to accommodate the flexible ever-changing and demanding requirements of such a complex high profile venture. Being my first experience of working with KV2 products Jonathan ensured I felt secure in my choices every step of the way.

“The Rolling Stones’ story is incredibly multi-faceted, from humble blues beginnings to electrifying mega stadium gigs encompassing art, fashion and cinema influences in their immense body of work. This meant that I needed a loudspeaker manufacturer who could accommodate the range of story-telling opportunities that the sound design was required to fulfill.

“I was grateful to have KV2 products by my side providing the delicacy and warmth required for intimate speech playback during documentary content and also confident in the knowledge that I could rely on the kit to deliver high SPLs packing a real punch but giving a pleasurable and invigorating experience for the performance content.”

The exhibition includes rare instruments, lyric books, original stage costumes, backstage and touring paraphernalia, album art, photography, personal diaries and never before released audio archives and behind-the scenes footage.

Tasked with undertaking supply and installation of the project were Dartford-based project and integration specialists Electrosonic. This was the first collaboration between Electrosonic and KV2 and the hugely positive reviews of the exhibition from audiences, professionals and organisers potentially signals the beginning of a productive partnership.

Commenting on the installation, KV2’s Jonathan Reece-Farren said, “It was a real pleasure working with Carolyn on this project and being able to help ‘make the difference’ from an audio perspective in telling such an iconic musical story…”

The shows run in London is unfortunately strictly limited and will come to end on September 4, upon which the exhibition will travel the globe with KV2.