KV2 upgrade for Liverpool’s Royal Court Theatre

A KV2 Audio system including ESD passive loudspeakers and subwoofers was recently specified for Liverpool’s Royal Court Theatre, the heart of the city’s culture.

Having played host to artists such as Oasis, David Bowie and R.E.M to performers such as Lawrence Olivier, Vivien Leigh and even hosting Dame Judi Dench’s acting debut, the venue has a prestigious heritage and needed an audio upgrade to match.

Chief executive Kevin Fearon and head of sound Kate Harvey decided to audition KV2 products for a complete overhaul of the existing Nexo sound system.

Due to existing cabling infrastructure, KV2 Audio’s ESD passive loudspeakers were decided upon. Each of the Royal Court’s three tiers features a left/right pair of ESD 15, 3-way coaxial 15in full-range loudspeakers and a pair of ESD 10, 2-way 10in loudspeakers.

A single pair of ESD 1.18, 18in subwoofers handle all low frequency reinforcement in the 1,200 capacity venue.

A total of eight ESD 5, ultra-compact 2-way 5in loudspeakers were deployed as under balcony delays and a pair of ESD 6, compact 2-way 6in loudspeakers now take care of front fill duties.

“The KV2 speakers have a lovely warm, well rounded sound and certainly pack some punch without losing clarity and that warmness,” said Harvey. “At the Royal Court we produce a variety of productions from straight plays to large scale musicals. Our current production is a comedy by a local writer that the new system is being used on.

"In the few weeks that the system has been up we have already had comments on the clarity of sound and the noticeable improvements from the old system," Harvey added. “I’m really looking forward to mixing our larger Christmas musical and we are already in talks about using KV2 products in other spaces run by the theatre.”