L-Acoustics K1 boosts Bon Jovi, Lionel Richie and The Fray

After three days of the PGA Tour’s weeklong Greenbrier Classic, golf fans were provided with a series of concerts headlined by Toby Keith, Rod Stewart and Bon Jovi, with an L-Acoustics K1 line source system providing sound reinforcement.

Staged at the West Virginia State Fair Grounds in Lewisburg on July 4th, 6th and 7th, this year’s Greenbrier Classic Concert Series saw the main FOH setup comprise six K1-SB subs, 12 K1 and three KARAs per side, complemented by two nine-KUDO hangs for far left and right audience coverage. A total of 32 SB28 subs, divided into groups of four and ground-stacked in cardioid mode across the face of the stage, delivered the LF reinforcement, while six KARA spread out across the stage lip provided front-fill.

With around 35,000 people expected each night, Cincinnati’s Loud & Clear, who supplied the L-Acoustics system, set up four delay towers each featuring seven V-DOSC and four SB series subs to cover the huge crowd. Both the FOH and delay systems were powered by L-Acoustics LA8 amplified controllers running LA Network Manager.

“Our K1 rig performed spectacularly at the 2012 Greenbrier Classic Concert Series,” said Bill Deavers, president of Loud & Clear. “Every show was a demonstration of talent at such an extreme level – the bands were fantastic, the engineers were of the very finest caliber, and K1 is the most amazing PA on the planet! Gary Bowman, the executive producer for the concert series, really summed it up when he told all of the touring FOH engineers, ‘This is my preferred sound system because it’s the best!’”

FOH engineers manning the L-Acoustics rig for the concert series, included Bill Sheppell (Bon Jovi), Dirk Durham (Toby Keith), Lars Brogaard (Rod Stewart) and Wayne Trevisani (Lionel Richie). In addition to Deavers, Loud & Clear’s own crew included Matt Fish (K1 System Engineer), Blake Smith (Delay Systems, QVT), Mike Cayton (Delay Systems, QVT), Brian Naumes (System Engineer) and Bill Fuss (Monitor Engineer).

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