L-Acoustics Kara provides coverage for Gold Coast’s HOTA

An L-Acoustics Kara system has been installed at the Australian venue formerly known as The Arts Centre Gold Coast, now known as HOTA (Home of the Arts).

The venue unveiled its new $37.5 million outdoor amphitheatre earlier this year.

The system, provided by Gold Coast L-Acoustics sales and installation specialist/integrator con-sol, is a flown stereo system comprising two main arrays of 14 Kara each, and two sub arrays of five SB18 subs, hanging directly behind the main arrays. Four X8 full range cabinets provide additional coverage at the front of the stage.

Depending on the demands of the event, an additional 12 112P compact loudspeakers and four discreet SB15P subwoofers can also be deployed. The entire system is driven by eleven LA4X amplified controllers, and was designed with the use of L-Acoustics’ Soundvision 3D modelling software.

One of the main challenges for HOTA’s outdoor stage was the large number of stakeholders involved. These included architects, builders and engineers, consultants and sub-contractors as well as HOTA itself. The other main challenge was that the outdoor stage had been constructed within an urban residential area, and required a noise management plan.

“While a benchmark system had been proposed, in the interest of accountability and transparency, a loudspeaker shootout was organised, from which the L-Acoustic Kara was ultimately selected to best suit the operational requirements of the outdoor stage,” said Richard Muecke, HOTA technical supervisor and head technician.

“Given that no loudspeaker from any manufacturer had been heard at the site prior to the shootout, the modelling provided by Soundvision is testament to its predictive abilities,” Muecke added. “The results matched the Soundvision model precisely and we now use the programme extensively to incorporate different sound designs as specified on an event needs basis. This has included supplementing the system with additional components such as L-Acoustics ARCS, SB28 and KS28 cabinets as out fill and low frequency extensions.”

The technical team at HOTA is equally impressed. “All-in-all we are thrilled, not only with our Kara system, but also in being able to offer L-Acoustics products throughout the venue,” Muecke concluded. “HOTA has a demanding and wide range of event programming that incorporates everything from orchestral to rock and pop performances. The Kara system has been able to deliver superb quality sound reinforcement to critical acclaim and praise from both the audiences and the performers.”