L-Acoustics Kiva deployed at ORF-Tirol Oktoberfest

Austrian rental company Light and Sound recently deployed an L-Acoustics Kiva WST line source system at the annual ORF-Tirol Oktoberfest.

Taking place at the Herbstmesse, Innsbruck, the event’s PA system was certainly put through its paces, with more than 20 acts and attendant sound engineers utilising it over the course of five days.

Light and Sound certainly made good use of L-Acoustics’ Soundvision 3D acoustic simulation programme to create a Kiva/Kilo system, which was designed to provide optimum sound and speech intelligibility at every listening position.

The main system was comprised of five Kiva cabinets and two Kilo low frequency extensions for left and right hangs, with six Kivas and two Kilos for outfill. 12XT and 8XT coaxial speakers were placed on stage and used for infill and outfill, with eight SB18 under the stage providing sub bass. The system was powered by six LA8 amplified controllers in LA-RAKs.