L-Acoustics system installed in Miami nightclub

Florida-based Audio Formula was recently given the job of setting up a full L-Acoustics loudspeaker system at the revamped Bamboo Miami nightclub.

Bamboo Group, a successful European club owner and promoter, from Bucharest, Romania, took over the venue last year and renovated it into a lavish venue that offers both Art Deco ornamentation and modern ambience. As part of the project, Bamboo Group brought in Audio Formula of Miami to supply an audio set-up to sonically reinforce the top DJs and live bands that the 1,200-capacity space now hosts four nights a week.

After modelling a variety of systems, Audio Formula CEO Nick Assunto specified L-Acoustics’ KUDO for the space. As a result, two four-enclosure KUDO arrays are now flown on either side of the hydraulically elevated main stage area, while an additional pair of three-enclosure KUDO arrays is positioned on the far edges of the balcony’s face at the rear of the room. These balcony arrays fire back into the main space.

For maximum LF impact, Audio Formula stacked four SB28 subs on either side of the stage, with the bottom cabinet in each stack reversed to create a cardioid dispersion pattern. Two additional SB28s are located under the runway down the middle of the room to deliver extra bass in the VIP areas.

The arrangement also includes four ARCS WIDE constant curvature enclosures up in the balcony VIP area, six coaxial 12XTi systems for under-balcony and bar coverage, six tiny 5XT ‘cubes’ in the foyer, and ten LA8 amplified controllers to power and process the system.

Bamboo Miami’s onstage DJ booth, which is on a hydraulic system is also home to several self-powered L-Acoustics systems – two coaxial 112P enclosures and two SB15P subs.

"This system has proven to be the right choice for the venue," Assunto said. "With all of the Italian marble tiles, LED walls and other reflective surfaces in the space, we took full advantage of KUDO’s adjustable K-Louvers and SB28’s cardioid configuration to very effectively minimise the energy toward those areas. Plus, with the LA8 presets, we are able to match the performance of the KUDO, 12XTi and ARCS WIDE for maximum consistency throughout the venue.

"Bamboo Group owns a number of venues in Europe and was very familiar with L-Acoustics. They knew they wanted the brand for their new Miami club right from the start because all of the world’s top DJs request it as the first choice on their technical riders. Seeing that they were planning to attract the very best talent, Bamboo had us install a KUDO system because it would bring the same live experience typically found only in huge concert venues and festivals down to the club level."

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