La La Land composer picks Prism Sound conversion for his home studio

Award-winning film composer Justin Hurwitz has invested in a Prism Sound Lyra 2 for his private studio and is using it as the audio interface between his preamps and his digital audio workstation.

Based in Los Angeles, Hurwitz is the composer of this year’s massive movie hit La La Land, which won in all seven categories for which it was nominated at the 74th Golden Globe Awards. The film also received 11 nominations at the BAFTAs, winning five, and received 14 nominations at the Oscars, winning six. Among these Oscars were two for Hurwitz – for Best Original Score and Best Original Song (City of Stars).

Hurwitz, who also scored the Oscar-winning movie Whiplash, chose a Prism Sound Lyra 2 interface after taking advice from various sound engineers.

Prism Sound’s Lyra allows users to access the same power of the company’s Orpheus interface, including the same audio path and clock circuitry, but in a more compact package.

“I heard that Prism Sound made great interfaces with the highest quality A/D conversion,” said Hurwitz. “I wanted really high quality A/D conversion for the one or two channels that I’m recording right now, so this unit was the perfect solution. It is now set up and an important part of my recording chain.”

Lyra 2 includes two AD input channels with switchable microphone, instrument or line input modes and four DA output channels, incorporating an ARM Cortex processor design and offering class-compliant USB interfacing that allows for integration with both Macs and PCs. It also offers digital volume control, a low latency ‘console-quality’ digital mixer for foldback monitoring and optical SPDIF capability.

Although he records orchestras on the larger scoring stages in Los Angeles, Hurwitz is currently building a project studio and is now set up to record vocals and overdubs there.

“I’ve also been recording some solo instruments for my next score, which is a film about Neil Armstrong,” he revealed. “The Lyra is proving really useful for this type of work and I love it – it’s working great.”