Lab.gruppen and Lake offer power and processing to Maximaal Hollands

Production company Hoevenaars LGV recently provided a sound system comprised of Lab.gruppen’s PLM Series amplifiers with integrated Lake processing for Maximaal Hollands in Beursgebouw Eindhoven, a large arena musical event that saw some of the county’s top singers and bands take to the stage.

For the main PA, Hoevenaars LGV selected EAW KF760s for the main rig with EAW KF730s for fills and delay, while Lab.gruppen amplifiers powered the entire event.

“We have about 60 Lab.gruppen amplifiers,” said Pieter Verkooijen of Hoevenaars LGV. “15 of those are PLM Series units, so we have that added flexibility.”

The PLM Series amplifier platform integrates into the Lake Processing environment, with all PLM Series models containing two full-featured Lake Processor modules, each designed to provide precise settings for gain, delay, crossover slope, equalisation, and limiting. Regardless of the make or type of loudspeaker system, the venue size or acoustics, or the programme material, the integral Lake Processing in the PLM Series is aimed at allowing sound designers and system techs to create a more consistent sound with less time and hassle in system set-up.

“The integrated Lake Processing is definitely a big leap forward,” added Verkooijen “The cohesion between the processing of the signal and amplification is far greater then when working with separate units. Using the PLM you can feel – and hear – that the unit was designed as an integrated processing and amplification system and doesn’t suffer from the ‘communication errors’ you have with separate units that are blind to each other when it comes to speaker load and signal vs amp voltage handling.”

With the 15 PLM 10000Q units in its inventory, the PLM Series has clearly impressed Hoevenaars LGV, as Verkooijen concluded. “We have experienced considerable improvements in sound quality with the various systems we have, some of which we struggled with for some time prior to using PLM Series. As well as superior sound quality, they are also durable, roadworthy and have a high power to weight ratio.”

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