Lab.gruppen and Lake power Nashville?s MTAC Omega

With crowds of almost 10,000 in attendance, Nashville’s recent Middle Tennessee Anime Convention (MTAC) sought the services of Lab.gruppen and Lake to provide an audio system that could handle the array of offerings, which include live music, contests, panel discussions and more.

The event, which was dubbed as MTAC Omega, saw appearances and performances by the likes of Symphonic Anime Orchestra, Eric Stewart, Kyle Hebert, Jason Charles Miller, Pinn Panelle, Head Phones President, Jason David Frank, Kaiju Big Battel, Yad Mui, DJs Proxxy and Lantern, Richard Epcar, Ellyn Stern and Notorious MSG.

Nashville-based audio specialist Event Systems Productions was responsible for ensuring that the system behind MTAC Omega was up the job, which ultimately meant putting their faith in the services of Lab.gruppen and Lake.

“It has always been a goal of mine to own cadillac amplifiers,” said Brandon Cole, owner of Event Systems Productions. “After finally making the jump to Lab.gruppen, I could clearly tell the difference of headroom and clarity from my previous brand of amplifier. Considering it is the main part of the rig, it’s a must to have the best in power. This particular event is a growing event that has switched to a new venue, and considering its size, headroom was a must. Lab.gruppen has always delivered when it comes to slamming the PA without sacrificing quality.”

At MTAC Omega, the principle event area was in the Main Ballroom of the Nashville Convention Centre, with eight Lab.gruppen PLM 10000Q amplifiers powering an EV XLC127DVX three-way line array. And with the PLM Series coming complete with integrated Lake Processing, it is designed to provide further benefits for companies like Event Systems Productions, as Cole testified: “Convenience has been a demanding situation in this business. Having integrated processing allows me to free up rack space and truck weight. Considering the PLMs hardly weigh anything, I also get to take a load off my back, comparing them to my previous brand of amplifier.”

The rig also had 12 EAW SB850 subwoofers, with processing being handled by stand-alone LM 26 units, of which Cole was especially impressed with: “I particularly use the LM26’s for ‘1 over 1’ events and for driving subs on my main room. The (Rave) part of MTAC Omega is a crucial six-hour event and demands bass at all times. Lake Processing has proven to me better quality and tighter low end than my previous processors.”

Summing up his experiences of using the kit on MTAC Omega, Cole concluded: “I am proud to be using Lake and Lab.gruppen products. The sound quality is a night and day scenario when compared to a lot of my previous products. There’s simply no comparison. Event Systems Productions is definitely a Lab.gruppen and Lake user for life.”