Lana Del Rey in Paradise with Sennheiser

American singer Lana Del Rey has had a busy 2013, with her Paradise tour taking in arenas and theatres across Europe, followed by an array of summer festival appearances. A package of Sennheiser wireless equipment is ensuring that her unique cinematic sound loses none of its impact onstage.

Monitor engineer Matthew Kanaris specified the Sennheiser items for the tour, which includes two SKM 5200-MKII handheld microphones with Neumann KK105 capsules for Lana’s main and spare vocal, 12 sets of G3 in-ear monitors and four G3 wireless belt packs for the tour’s string section.

“Lana’s vocal is the most important part of the show, so we wanted to use a microphone that was perfect for her and was sensitive to the different dynamics in her voice,” said Kanaris. “We have always had great results when we used the wired version of the Neumann mic, so we decided to use the 5000 series wireless mic and 105 capsule for the tour. This gives her the freedom to move around, but still keeps the intimate, close and warm sound which really compliments her music.”

As the tour has been playing in many different countries, it is important for Kanaris to be able to tune the wireless system to anywhere in the RF spectrum. Using Sennheiser provides this peace of mind, as well as sounding great and being reliably roadworthy.

“Using Wireless Systems Manager I’m able to integrate all of the Sennheiser equipment together and tune the radio frequencies easily and quickly, wherever we are. I can also use it to scan all the other RF that is going on,” he said. “The G3 IEMs and wireless beltpacks always sound great and are completely solid – I have never had to use a spare pack or had one go down during a show. I use two Sennheiser helical antennae for perfect coverage across the stage and never get any problems with dropouts or intermittent signals.”

Kanaris is also very impressed with Sennheiser UK’s customer support. “It’s excellent; Mark Saunders is always very quickly on to anything we need and gets back to me if I ever have a question or need advice,” said Kanaris. “In short, Sennheiser equipment is great. It always works, it sounds great and the support is superb.”