Latest Funktion-One technology trialled in three US nightclubs

Funktion-One installer Sound Investment Audio has completed work on three new nightclubs – two in New York (Output and Marquee) and one in Los Angeles (SOUND).

Each venue now features a Funktion-One sound system incorporating new technology from the manufacturer. So new, in fact, that the firm is yet to officially launch it.

Over the last three years, Tony Andrews and John Newsham, supported by rest of the Funktion-One team, have been developing technology that will support a new generation of the company’s products.

Output, Marquee and SOUND (pictured) are the first nightclubs in the world to take advantage of this R&D process. Each venue offers a completely unique system, specified and configured in accordance with their individual demands.

Discussing the installations, Sound Investment Audio’s Dan Agne said: “We were very fortunate to be able to install the new Funktion-One technology at Output, SOUND and Marquee – the operators of these venues are some of the best in the business. Having heard the three systems and witnessed the audience reaction, I can confidently say that we have arrived at a new level of high-fidelity audio.”

And on the emergence of Funktion-One’s latest products, including the MST Horns, BR Range and PSM318 monitors, founder Tony Andrews commented: “We‘re rather pleased to have arrived at unprecedented levels of sonic power and clarity with our new components. These will form the basis of further product development.”

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