Latest L-PAD mixers from RCF now shipping

RCF has started shipping the L-PAD 16CX USB (16-channel) and L-PAD 24CX USB (24-channel) mixers, enhanced versions of the L-PAD analogue series.

The L-PAD 16CX USB features 10 ultra low noise mic inputs or 8 mono line inputs with insert send/return; three-band EQ with wide sweepable midrange (from 100Hz to 8kHz) on 8 channels; 4 channels of stereo inputs with 4-band fixed EQ and 4 group assignable sub-mixes; 60mm faders and four AUX sends per channel.

A similar feature set can be found on the L-PAD 24CX USB, however it instead includes 18 ultra low noise mic inputs or 16 mono line inputs with insert send/return and a three-band EQ on 16 channels.

Compatible with all audio devices, the manufacturer says, the consoles are also equipped with single control compressors (eight on the larger desk’s mic line inputs and six on the smaller), along with a preset selector, which provides access to up to 100 internal DSP internal effects, to help shape the sound.

The USB facility provides enhanced computer recording and monitoring, and the user can choose from a number of option cards, which bring MP3 players, MP3 recorders/players or Bluetooth into the console via the card slot. These optional cards expand the L-PAD’s versatility and provide access to third party Bluetooth devices.

Live mixes can be captured via a laptop and DAW through the L-PAD’s USB connection. This enables two channels of 24-bit audio (Main Mix or Sub Mix 1/2) to be streamed out to the computer for band rehearsals, club gigs, speech applications, worship events and any live performance that needs to be recorded. Since the connection is bi-directional, audio from the laptop can also be sent to the L-PAD mixer for playback purposes.

Both the L-PAD 16CX USB and L-PAD 24CX USB retain the same form factor and arm rests as the other models in the L-PAD series, but come in a metal chassis with plastic side cheeks.

Picture: The RCF L-PAD 24CX USB