Lauten unveils LS-208 condenser microphone

Lauten Audio has introduced the LS-208, a professional front-address large-diaphragm condenser microphone designed for studio, live, broadcast recording and sound reinforcement.

The LS-208 features a wide frequency response with a full 120dB of dynamic range and 135dB of SPL handling without the need for attenuation. Its off-axis rejection makes the LS-208 ideal for focusing on the sound source while reducing bleed in lively environments.

The Independent, multi-stage, high and low-cut filters help engineers balance recordings at the microphone, reducing the need for mixing. The 2-stage low-cut aids in reducing low-end rumble, muddiness, and proximity effect, while the 2-stage high-cut helps tame bright instruments and high frequencies.

The LS-208 comes with a spider shock mount designed for broadcast, a hard mount for tight spots, a foam windscreen, and a rugged road case housing all these accessories.