Lawo appoints AVC Group as sales and project support partner for Southeast Europe market

Broadcast technology firm Lawo has appointed the AVC Group as its agent for the Balkan states of Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Slovenia.

Prior to agreeing this new partnership, AVC had employed Lawo Nova73 routers, mc² audio mixing systems and VSM system control in a number of system integration projects at the request of the clients, proving the quality and reliability of Lawo technology and equipment – a key factor for AVC’s clients.

AVC Group is a leading provider of audio, video, multimedia, lighting and telecommunication solutions in the Southeast Europe market, and has been the main supplier to the public and private broadcasting, and television stations in the area for the past 25 years.

AVC (Audio Video Consulting) was founded in 1990 as a multinational group supplying and supporting the most modern audio and video technologies. In order to provide targeted and timely support to customers, AVC has set up sales and service operations in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and Macedonia, enabling both companies to benefit from AVC’s established relationships with broadcasters, architects and clients in retail and installation.

“AVC customer and business partners benefit from our decades of experience, close cooperation to international suppliers, the highly-defined technical consulting skills, carefully constructed planning and professional execution of all projects,” said Miran Kajin, Director of Global Sales at AVC.

Lawo joins high-profile brands such as Sony Professional Solutions, the Harman Group, Canon, Sachtler, DIS, and Harris in the AVC portfolio. “AVC is very carefully selecting this portfolio,” Miran Kajin explained. “This time, we went through many possible choices that would be complementary to our existing range. We have not only chosen Lawo because of its proven video, audio and control products, but especially because of the advanced networking technology with IP broadcast core infrastructure solutions offered.

“We represent and distribute approximately 40 leading professional audio and video equipment manufacturers,” he added. “Lawo’s range of broadcast audio systems and A/V products will be a welcome addition to our catalogue.

“In the course of the next few years, we will expand our market presence in the region, giving us closer proximity to customers, bringing faster and focused support services, and making products available more quickly where needed. Supporting this, AVC will enhance training programs for our partners and own staff, to more effectively leverage products and modern technologies.”

“AVC Group provides complete solutions for broadcasters, as well as a full range of services and solutions for corporate A/V applications,” said Robert Charles “Chas” Rowden, Lawo Sales Director, Europe.

“AVC’s experience and expertise ensures that our mutual customers will achieve optimal results, from product specification through design and integration, to service and ongoing support. This is why this is a natural choice for sales as well as project support across our complete product portfolio.”