LD Systems launches White MAUI 11 system

LD Systems has released a White version of its MAUI 11 active column PA system with three-way amping.

The system is designed to deliver maximum dispersion and consistent sound quality both in the listening and performing areas. Its plug-and-play arrangement also means it can be set and taken down quickly.

The MAUI (Multiple Array User Intuitive) 11 features a 2 x 6.5" V-Construction Tower Subwoofer, along with conveniently placed controls for easy adjustment. With a power rating of 200 W RMS for the sub and 140 W RMS for the columns, the integrated Class D amplifier delivers clarity and punch, while the LD LECC DSP (with limiter, equalizer, compressor and crossover functions) provides "professional levels of fine tuning."

Due to the mix of performance and convenience it offers, the MAUI 11 systems are likely to appeal to solo performers, small groups and mobile DJs, as well as those arranging private parties or corporate presentations.

The multipin precision-lock system components require no cables or stands, while the low weight and milled subwoofer handle allow for easy handling and transport.

Adam Hall is the exclusive UK distributor for LD Systems.

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