Leapwing Announces new vocal processor

Leapwing is proud to announce their brand new vocal processor: UltraVox. A set-and-forget plugin that is designed for songwriters, producers and engineers, who want to achieve a great vocal sound quickly.

It comes with 4 unique algorithms, each optimized to work for any type of vocal:

Compression is meant to take out the peaks in a vocal performance and balance out the vocal, achieving a consistent level without unwanted artefacts. The gentle and very musical Gate has a dual purpose: one is to reduce room noise and the other is to reduce breaths and mouth sounds that are brought up by compression. Harmonics gives a beautiful coloration to almost any vocal, and Air allows you to add crispiness to your vocal without introducing harshness.

Key Features

The 4 highly tuned algorithms that interact with each other are aimed at getting a quick vocal sound, these include:

  • Compression: single band soft-knee compression with variable program dependent (short) attack and (long) release times
  • Gate: aimed to remove room noise, also with variable program-dependent (medium-long) attack and (short) release times
  • Harmonics: Primarily 2nd and 3rd order harmonics that give a polished character to the vocal
  • Air: Equalization focused around 12kHz to give the vocal that shine, without introducing harshness. With its boost and cut capability, it’s useful to tonalize the vocal

All algorithms are meticulously tuned with the highest quality achievable and a pristine sound

Beautiful re-sizable Retina interface with a unique level visualization

Sample rates supported up to 384kHz (DXD)

Available as 64-bit plugins in VST, VST3, AAX, and AU formats for macOS (10.13 and higher) and Windows 8 and 10


Recording – Production – Mixing

Ideal to put early-on in the vocal chain, possibly right after any corrective EQ and filtering, or right before adding any effects

Supported platforms:

  • Windows 8 and 10 – 64-bit only – VST2, VST3, AAX
  • macOS 10.13 or higher – 64-bit only – VST2, VST3, AU, AAX

Leapwing UltraVox is now available for EUR 69, USD 79 or GBP 59, and has an introductory offer for 41 EUR, 47 USD and 35 GBP, until December 6th 2021.

Download a free 14-day trial at www.leapwingaudio.com

About Leapwing
Since 2015, Leapwing have been making plugins that didn’t exist before, taking new approaches, and putting innovation in the hands of musicians. The Leapwing story started when Robin, Jeroen, and Emiliano met in Belgium and decided to make the software multiband compressor that became DynOne. They wanted it to sound better and be easier to use than anything else available, and that simple attitude has continued into each of their plugins. Since then, they have been nominated for 9 awards, won one and contributed to countless songs.