Lectrosonics announces Digital Secure Wireless

Lectrosonics has introduced the Digital Secure Wireless system. Featuring AES-256-CTR (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption technology, the new Digital Secure Wireless system is ideal for use in environments where privacy is of paramount concern, such as corporate boardrooms, shareholder meetings, and government facilities. As a rugged and high-quality wireless microphone system, the new products will also find a home in theatres, filmmaking, touring, and other demanding applications.

AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption technology employing a 256-bit key was approved as a government standard encryption algorithm in 2001 [FIPS 197]. The CTR (Counter) Encryption mode as found in the new Lectrosonics Digital Secure Wireless system maintains low latency (2.5ms overall) while keeping channel noise at a minimum. Key management is user selectable in one of two modes: ‘persistent’, where the key is kept from session to session, and ‘one-time’, where the key must be generated for each session (most secure). The system utilises a special chip for entropy generation in order to ensure the key is generated in a truly random manner – thus complying with another government standard [FIPS 140-2]. The key transfer requires a simple cabled download, thus avoiding security issues with easily detected infrared key transfer systems.

The new Lectrosonics Digital Secure Wireless system consists of the DR digital wireless receiver frame, the individual DRM digital receiver modules, and the DB digital wireless beltpack transmitter. Similar in form to Lectrosonics’ Venue receiver systems, the DR digital wireless receiver frame supports up to six channels/modules in 1RU. Analogue and digital (AES/EBU) XLR outputs are selectable on the device menu. The frame supports wideband reception (470.100 to 691.175MHz), 50-ohm BNC antenna inputs, and outputs for cascading up to three additional frames (24 channels total) on one set of antennas, without an external multi-coupler. The clock input and output enables the DR to be the master clock in a digital audio system or to be the slave to an external master clock. A 0.25in headphone output can be fed from a mixture of channel signals, or from isolated channels.

The DRM digital receiver module docks into the DR digital wireless receiver frame and up to six modules can be docked per a single DR frame. Each receiver module has a 25.5MHz bandwidth. The new DRM digital receiver modules are available on all standard Lectrosonics frequency blocks.

The Lectrosonics DB digital wireless beltpack transmitter features wideband tuning (470-698MHz), a highly linear RF output stage for reduced intermodulation distortion and for this reason, high channel counts are possible even with minimum RF spectrum available. The transmitter provides true 50 mW transmission RF power for excellent range and resistance to dropouts. The TA5M mic/line input found on the DB digital wireless beltpack transmitter accepts all lavaliere and headworn microphones wired for Lectrosonics transmitters.

The new Lectrosonics Digital Secure Wireless system is slated to become available Q3 2014.