Leif Mases? product range added to Prism Sound?s US distribution portfolio

Prism Sound has taken on US distribution for producer and engineer Leif Mases’ entire product range, in a step to consolidate their relationship with US sales and distribution company, Prism Media Products.

The company already markets the Maselec Master Series MEA-2, MLA-2 and MMA4-XR processors, and, under the terms of the new arrangement, Prism Media Products will now also market the MLA-3 multi-band compressor; the MPL-2 peak and frequency limiter; the MDS-2 high frequency limiter (De-esser); the MTC-2 and MTC-6 mastering consoles.

“This new arrangement allows both companies to exploit the excellent synergy between our product ranges,” said Mases. “My relationship with Prism Sound has always been mutually helpful and it makes perfect sense to develop this in the US by using Prism Media Products for my marketing and distribution.”

The main reason for extending the relationship in the US was Prism Media Products’ recent reorganisation, which saw the company opening an office in California and taking on new sales and marketing staff.

“I am very impressed with the new PMPI team,” added Mases. “They have hands-on experience of the recording industry and truly understand my products because they have actually used them in a studio setting. PMPI can now go to customers with a full range of products that complement each other and this will make it much easier to market and sell the entire catalogue. The US is a very large territory and although my products have always done well there, tackling the marketing on my own has been time consuming. Having PMPI’s dedicated sales and marketing team on board will remove a lot of pressure and leave me free to concentrate on other territories and on new R&D projects.”

Graham Bowell, sales director of Prism Sound, also added: “Prism Sound and Mases Electronics products are complementary, and of course we already have a close relationship with Leif thanks to our long-standing joint venture marketing the Maselec Master Series. Over the years Leif has introduced a number of other items, notably his custom consoles for mastering rooms. He has also added various specialist dynamics processors to the line up. By adding these to our range in the US, PMPI distribution can now offer musicians, engineers, producers and mastering engineers a range of products including PMC speakers, Prism Sound and SADiE recording software, processors and interfaces and Maselec analogue processors and custom consoles. This is in addition to Prism Sound test & measurement equipment, fast becoming the new standard among audio product manufacturers and the Imerge range of home cinema products.”