Leisuretec announces new trade website

After a year of development, Leisuretec has launched its brand new, fully responsive trade website.

With smartphones and tablets becoming an increasingly popular way of accessing information online, the Leighton Buzzard, UK-based distributor thought it very important to update its old website platform and turn it into something more ‘in tune with the times,’ which is why the new website can adapt to any screen it’s displayed on – ideal for customers referring to the site for trade pricing when working on installs and projects late at night or when on the move.

Making the website intuitive and easy to navigate was also a requirement. Mike Henden, managing director of Leisuretec, commented: "We all agreed that we wanted to streamline the overall navigation on the website; we want to make browsing as easy as we can for our customers. One way of doing so is by putting the main product categories in the header at the top of the website. That means less clicks, ultimately faster and easier browsing for the user."

Leisuretec says it is working closely with developer Realnet Ltd, investing both time and money into a number of future developments, including a new ‘state-of-the-art’ search engine that’s already scheduled.

Another new addition is a dedicated section for industry and internal news, as well as product release information and case studies.

Marketing manager Charlie Henden added: "We are always looking to improve and give more to our customers. We want to make your life as a customer as easy as possible, and give you the best customer experience that we possibly can. That’s why we are continuously investing time and money into future developments. We are also building on ideas that have come from customer feedback, so be sure to look out for constant updates throughout the coming months and throughout 2017!"