Leona Lewis relies on Sennheiser for UK shows

Leona Lewis toured the UK recently, to promote her latest album Glassheart, backed by Sennheiser 9000 series digital wireless systems.

Complementing the tour’s audio system, which was supplied by SW19 Productions, Sennheiser UK supplied SR2050 and SK2000 in-ear monitors and a 9000 Series digital wireless equipment package. The latter consisted of ten SKM 9000 handheld microphones with MD 9235 capsules, seven SK 9000 belt packs for guitars and the show’s string quartet, plus a pair of EM 9046 receivers.

In addition, Sennheiser supplied Neumann KM185D and TLM103D digital microphones and four K-array KR402 lightweight mid-hi line array elements with powered subs, which were used for ground stacks and front fills.

Venues ranged from regional concert halls like the Ipswich Regent and Newcastle City Hall, through the Brighton Centre and London’s Royal Albert Hall to arenas in Birmingham and Liverpool. Despite playing to an ‘Academy’ style seating plan in the arenas, the acoustics were obviously very different in the various venues.

“The remarkable clarity of the 9000 series means that every gig showed off all that’s great about Leona’s voice. The vocals were truly stunning,” said Lewis’ FOH engineer Dave Wooster. “In addition, the drums with the Neumann mics were powerful and punchy, the guitars full and dynamic. And the string section really showed how the 9000 series body packs perfectly captured their character.”

Using the Digico SD7’s virtual soundcheck facility, Wooster was able to listen back to the performances utilising a pair of Neumann KH 120 monitors and demonstrate the benefits of the digital mics to the touring musicians.

“Every time I listened back after the show, I was finding that they added more and more to the mix,” he added. “Tom the drummer commented very favourably on the desk mix. The KM185s captured a dynamic from the toms and snare that made a massive difference and the clarity of the cymbals was staggering.

“Adrian, the guitarist, also commented on the audible difference. He thought the presence of the electric guitar was excellent – the TLM103Ds on the guitar amps allowed the depth of range and volume to be transferred to the main system beautifully. He also heard the difference the 9000 instrument pack made to his acoustic guitars. With such presence and extreme accuracy nothing could hide, or was missing, from what the system captured.”

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